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Natas Setiabudhi

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making "handle" by Pulling

1. Shape the clay like a carrot
2. Grasp, squeeze and pull gently
downward the clay with water 

3. Keep pulling to extend
4. Leave for a few minutes
5. Cut into pieces
6. Bend into circular shape
7. Handle in complete
8. Ready to attach to the mug

Usually when we make a handle for a mug or teapot, we just coil the clay. Sometimes it looks little bit weird as a whole of form. There is an alternative for that, i.e. by pulling the clay as description of above. The result are more elegant and natural. To get this ability only one word, practice.

When you bend the long clay sometimes the clay cracks (fig 6-7). You can add a little bit dampness the clay by water. Another problem is attachment handle to the body of the mug or teapot.  Often the bond between body and handle not quite good. The bond will have cracks or separate when they dried in the leather hard state. The causes could be that you don't damp both handle and body or damp one side handle or body only. The standard procedure are scratch the body and apply a  fluid slip into both. Actually just smear with water is enough making in good bonding. For this you can use toothbrush. The point is you must damp both sides, use water or slip.