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Natas Setiabudhi

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dipping with Pussycat

When I work, my pussycat always accompany me. His name is Sotoy. The picture shows preparation for glazing the pot. The application technique is dipping. In my workshop, dipping is the main technique, besides spraying and pouring. Dipping and pouring I think the safest technique for applying the glaze (healthy factor), moreover the workshop doesn't have safety facility, such as spray booth, no good ventilation, masker etc.

As long as the pot can be dipped or poured, don't spray it. Besides the description of above, spraying is more complicated and needs extra energy, especially in the preparing process. Sometimes if we lack expertise in spraying, the layer is too thin and mottled. We must have principle for practicality, any shape can be dipped or poured with any support either by hand skills or tools. Spray may be effective if the pot has large size.               

Glazing for the most people is the most troublesome activity. Impatient people may not be appropriate for this activity. In glazing we must doing carefully and neatly. Doing the glazing improperly will yield an unsatisfactory final result. May be there are people who disagree of this statement, on the contrary is the most pleasure activity. How about you?