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Natas Setiabudhi

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Landscape #2, My Solo Exhibition

This is my first solo exhibition. The exhibition was held in S 14 Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia, from 17 October until 7 November, 2012. For the art work, I made an ceramic installation, the space is filled by modules of cubes, almost the whole exhibition. There were two configurations for right and left sides, positive and negative polar. If each side is adjoined they become united or clop (mirror effect).

Actually my art work tell about a landscape of houses in urban environment. If you see from the top (bird view), the houses just like a simple form, the cube and the prism (pyramid) at the top. So I took the essence of the house form. 

I made 3 modules / form, i.e. positive, negative,and neutral. Then each module was repeated by certain numbers. The positive one is in left side, the negative one is in right side. Total modules are 665. I used white stoneware for the art work. Dimension of module are long 10 cm. wide 10 cm. and high 4-8 cm. I used zircon for opaque white glaze and fired to 1230 degree (celsius).

The gallery is quite small, 10 meters square. In Bandung, S14 is a well known alternative gallery. The owners are Herra Pahlasari and Aminuddin Siregar (a well respected curator and art writer in Indonesia).