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Natas Setiabudhi

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Second Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale, 2012

The second Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale was held on December 21 - January 20 2012 at Museum of Ceramic and Nort Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia. The participants are from many countries, totally 46 artists. 

The aim of the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale II, through the theme "Crafting Identity, is to attempt to engage in discourse about identity. "Crafting" refers to the practise of creating works using one's craftmanship abilities. Here, "Crafting Identity" is intended to mean any craft practise exercised to create an "identity". 

In addition to identity issues regarding the forms and techniques of ceramics, the issues of identity within the curatorial of "Crafting Identity" can be specified further. Issues range from Identity and its connection with discourses of spirituality, discourses of body and gender, discourses of art and memory, the culture of consumption (consumer culture), it's relation to production in work culture, historical reference, postcolonial condition, diaspora experience, locally and globality; and urban/industrial experience.The description of above is the quote of curatorial statment of Sujud Dartanto (Exhibition Curator). For further information you can visit the blog jakartacontemporaryceramic.wordpress.com

Tok Yu Xiang, Singapore

Micheal J. Doolan, Australia

Antonio S. Sinaga, Indonesia

Natas Setiabudhi, Indonesia

Vipoo Srivilasa, Australia-Thailand

I Made Arya Palguna, Indonesia

Maman Rikin, America-Indonesia

 Esnur Fauziana, Indonesia

Maria Bosch Perich, Spain