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Natas Setiabudhi

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make a Model: Clay to Plaster

There is one of way for making plaster model from clay model. Sometimes we will have difficulties technically to modelling the plaster model. We can not easily cutting or adding for the shape if compared with clay.

In this way you firstly must making the model from clay. The plaster cover don't too thick approximately 2 cm. To add the plaster slip to clay model like a sculptor way little by little. Next step you mark the plaster surface by knife and saw it until 2 millimeter depth not through. If cut through there is no bonding if paired back.  

When you will release plaster model from the mold, it doesn't matter the mold become broken or damage. You first must save the model. To make easier you must divide each part of model correctly, furthermore for making casting mold. Wrong in dividing, definitely will have difficulties in releasing model from the mold (model stuck in mold). In this situation potentially what you have done will be unsuccessful. Sometimes you must start from beginning again. 

1. Ready to pour plaster
2. Cut by knife just for mark, not through

3. Use saw but not through
4. Use hammer to hit knife grib to make 2 pieces 

5. Two pieces
6. If paired back will have exactly joined
8. Pour the plaster slip
7. Masking with separator

9. After opened and have sand paper
10. The results