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Natas Setiabudhi

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reproduction the mold

2. Masking with separator
1. Let one part released (two parts left)

3. Round parts left by barrier
4. Ready to pour plaster slip

5. One part complete (new one)
6. Open 2nd part (old one) ready for new one 

7. Three parts completely

To reproduce the molds is more easier than make it from beginning. Firstly join each part of mold, but let one part released (fig.1). If there is no sphere on the model, you can add clay on the top (fig.2). After pour for one part go for second part and so on until third part.

Every finished with each part mold, you must wash the surfaces by wet sponge and clean the remains or remove something untidy. After all parts mold completely use sand paper to make smoother and wash again until have clean surfaces (to remove separator). If there is still remains left e.g. separator, it will be stick between clay body and the mold. Or if inner shape of mold has potentially stuck, the ware will be deformed or damage when opened, so you must remove some parts neatly.