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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Angled Wheel Throwing, Bayat, Indonesia

A few weeks ago, around 27th February until 1st March 2014, the students and lecturers of Craft Department of Bandung Institute of Technology went to ceramic center of some area in province of Central Java  and D.I. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Actually there was three ceramic center that we were visited, i.e. Klampok Banjarnegara (Central Java), Kasongan (D.I. Yogyakarta), and Bayat, Klaten (Central Java). All of them use earthenware clay, but they have own character. Banjarnegara clay are harder and finer than others therefore used for utility wares. Banjanegara is well known with the teapot set (teapot, cup, and saucer), just naked clay and colored with slip and burnished.

Among the ceramic centers that we were visited, the most amazing one were Bayat, Klaten. The uniqueness of this center are the way of how they produce the wares. The conventional wheel throwing that we know, the structure is made of woods or steal and the position of  top bat is perpendicular. If you see carefully the picture above the position of top bat is angled and for rotating squeeze the bamboo over and over by left foot.  As you see the pictures, the students were learning how to make a pot by that wheel. The others uniqueness are the maker of pot all of them are women and they could make a pot faster than by conventional ones. But the most proud as Indonesian, the tool is only in Indonesia, fabulous! 

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