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Natas Setiabudhi

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Modular Dualism

These are my latest works (2015). I made modules configuration into figure object. The idea was inspired by rubin vase picture (the ambiguity of face or vase). The picture was very popular for gestalt psychologist at that time.

The form concept is still positive and negative. The concept had been using in last 7 years. If you see the pictures looks same (optical illusion), but if you getting closer there are positive and negative modules. Earlier I used only 2 types of modules, this works used 12 modules. The main shape is collaborating prism and cube. If you look from front just see 2 types of triangle, 2 types of parallelogram, and 2 types of square.  
Modular Dualism #1

Modular Dualism #2